My Story of Overcoming Binge Eating

Today, I want to share with you my story of why overcoming binge eating and opening up my private practice to help women do the same is so important to me. It starts with me when I was ~10 years old (can you spot me in this pic?)…

Picture of me as a child struggling with body image

In about 4th grade, I started to feel uncomfortable in my body. I felt like I was a misfit and that in order to fit in, I needed to look more “girly and cute”. I played softball and I was damn good at it – but all my friends did dance and liked to get their nails done. I became very aware of the muscles I was developing from being athletic that they weren’t and how I ate compared to them.  

Fast forward to high school, I became jealous of the girls who I felt were effortlessly thin. So I began creating rules around what I could eat and how I exercised. I quit softball my senior year (and lost a potential scholarship) to pursue running because I wanted to be “stick-thin”. I would allow myself to eat foods I loved as long as I tracked it and made it fit in my calorie limit, but if I wanted to eat fast food for lunch with my friends, I had to skip dinner later.  

Picture of me running a half marathon

This continued into college where I had decided to pursue a degree in dietetics because I wanted to be the “expert” on all things health (AKA being thin). I became a fitness instructor, I started running marathons and I was still obsessed with everything I ate, but now I was secretly bingeing in my apartment alone.  

After college, I began my internship (the last step of becoming a dietitian). The stress of working full time, doing an internship and living 400 miles away from my family and friends got to me. I was now binge eating every single night when I got home. I felt disgusting all the time and the more I tried to restrict and run it off, the bigger the binge would be.  

During my internship, I came across the book “Intuitive Eating” by Evelyn Tribole and Elyse Resch and at first, I was like “no way, I could never give myself unconditional permission to eat and listen to my own body’s cues. I would just binge even more!” But I finally gave in and decided to start my food freedom journey.

Picture of me becoming a Registered Dietitian

After about a year of working through my own relationship with food, becoming a dietitian and starting work as a clinical dietitian. I started to pick up on things friends would say about their bodies and food choices and I realized that I wasn’t the only one who struggled with this… and everything clicked. I wasn’t meant to be a clinical dietitian who told people exactly what to eat. I was meant to show women that they too can rebuild trust within their bodies and their body’s cues to break free from the food obsession, food rules, bingeing and finally gain back their most fulfilling lives!

Picture of me at my desk

So in June 2020, I opened up my private practice and over the last 2 years I have helped hundreds of women ditch the restrict-binge cycle and heal their relationship with food, body and movement once and for all! And I’ve never looked back.

Are you stuck in the restrict-binge cycle? Do you have rules around food and exercise that cause you to feel guilty and lose control around food? If this is you, I hope my story inspired you to see that there is freedom from this. You can heal your relationship with food and body, overcome binge eating and finally eat without guilt or obsession! If you’re ready to receive support and guidance from a Registered Dietitian, applications for my 1:1 nutrition coaching program are now open! Spots are limited and first come, first serve! Send me a DM on Instagram if you have any questions!

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