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Inflammatory PCOS: Is It Driving Your Symptoms?

Have you been diagnosed with PCOS and are tired of constantly feeling sluggish, sore and moody? 

Maybe you had been told weight gain would be something you struggled with but you weren’t told about all the other symptoms that just generally made your day to day more difficult to manage. 

If you are experiencing these types of symptoms, it is likely your main driver of PCOS is inflammatory PCOS. 

In this article, I’m going to share more about inflammatory PCOS, which is one of the four types of PCOS. I’ll share with you what you can expect, what tests can confirm it as the main driver of your PCOS and what you can do to reduce inflammation and feel better with PCOS. 

What is inflammation? 

When you think of inflammation, you likely think of redness and swelling. Which is true! However, inflammatory PCOS affects more than just joints and skin. Inflammation can impact our gut and period health as well. 

They are finding that inflammation may be THE main driver of PCOS and here’s why…

We want some inflammation in our body because this is our body’s defense system to fight off disease or infection. However, it becomes an issue when we have too much inflammation or chronic inflammation. It begins to damage our own cells and immune system, which can disrupt our hormones, affect our gut health as well as egg quality. 

When we our body’s are constantly in a state of inflammation, they secrete chemical signals, called cytokines, which can cause our ovaries to produce more testosterone (androgens) and cause cells to become more insulin resistant. Meaning that not only is inflammation driving your symptoms, but inflammation is making another huge driver (insulin resistance) worse at the same time. 

Inflammatory PCOS Symptoms

To see if inflammation is driving your PCOS symptoms, take a look at the list of common symptoms and see if you check off a few! 

  • Skin rashes like eczema, rosacea or dermatitis
  • Digestive issues like bloating, indigestion or diarrhea
  • Constant fatigue 
  • Pain or soreness in your body (neck, shoulders, back, knees, etc) 
  • Recurrent headaches 
  • Asthma or allergies/intolerances (such as gluten allergy or dairy intolerance)

If you said yes to several of these symptoms, it could mean that inflammation is the main driver of your PCOS symptoms. This doesn’t mean that this list is all inclusive. Inflammation can drive androgen production, which can result in symptoms such as hirsutism, acne and hair loss or thinning. 

Tests to Confirm Inflammation 

When I begin working with clients, I focus mainly on their symptoms to address their root cause or main driver of PCOS. Symptoms can tell a lot that sometimes labs don’t show accurately. However, with inflammatory PCOS you can test your hs-CRP, which is a protein that can indicate the level of inflammation in your body. 

How Do You Treat Inflammatory PCOS

Now you know whether or not inflammation is the main driver of your PCOS symptoms. If so, you want to work on reducing it to alleviate symptoms. 

Here is how you reduce inflammation: 

  1. Including antioxidant rich foods in your diet 
  2. Prioritizing Omega 3 Fats in your diet 
  3. Supplementing with Vitamin D if deficient 
  4. Getting in daily gentle movement 
  5. Prioritizing sleep and stress management 
  6. Healing your gut issues 

Reducing inflammation is crucial in relieving PCOS symptoms because they are finding that this could be driving other aspects of this condition, like gut health and insulin resistance, which can cause more hormone imbalances and more androgen production. 

They may suggest medication such as birth control to regulate periods, however this can actually worsen inflammation. Diet and lifestyle modifications, like the ones suggested above, can improve symptoms significantly.

Are you ready to gain clarity and confidence in your PCOS management? Do you want to improve your PCOS symptoms without ever having to cut out your favorite foods or diet again? I can show you how to reduce inflammation and balance your hormones sustainably. Click this link to work with me 1:1.

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