Ditch dieting and heal your relationship with food & body so can finally eat without guilt or obsession!

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Sound like you?

You set your calories or points & plan out your meals and workouts each week. But actually sticking to the plan is another story.

You start each week excited about your health journey, but come Wednesday, you're starving and looking at the lunch you brought like you wouldn't even eat it if it was the last thing on Earth.

Next thing you know, you're in line at the fast food joint ordering all the food you've been dreaming of and you're thinking "screw it! My day's already messed up".

Cue the binge, guilt and plan to make up for it the next day

Oh yes, I know this cycle ALL too well. And I'm here to help you break this vicious cycle once and for all!

Show me how!


My relationship with food has been difficult for as long as I can remember and has included restriction, overexercising, and binging. Learning how to eat, manage stress, and move my body in a way that feels good, both emotionally and physically, is something I could never repay Caitlin for. She is genuinely so kind, caring, and thoughtful which made working through challenging emotions and habit changes easier. I can't believe how much my relationship with food has healed in a short period of time. I can't recommend this program enough.

I'm relieved that it isn't all or nothing food & movement choices anymore


Before working with Caitlin, I had yo-yo dieted, accepted diets that claim not to be but really are about restriction, and resented healthy food.s. Throughout the program, she taught me how to recognize hunger & fullness cues, to be curious about why I crave certain things and how I can add things instead of restrict eating to achieve a more gentle nutrition.  

Caitlin helped me reduce my bingeing!

What clients say...

The thing is, the only ones benefitting from this cycle are the diets and meal plans you keep paying for. The diet and beauty industry LOVES to convince you there's a problem that needs fixing, because that means they can create a product or plan to "fix" it. 

But what they're NOT selling you is sustainable healthy habits. Because where's the recurring money in that?

If those diets and products worked, you wouldn't have to restart the same diet over and over again or buy a new one every time it fails. 

Think about it: did the diet ever really help you lose weight AND sustain it? Or has it just caused you to feel more obsessed and out control with food and more uncomfortable in your body?

By ditching these unrealistic diets, calorie limits and meal plans that feel like either all or nothing, you can actually focus on habits that honor your body and your health where it's at now.

You're not alone

The result? Enjoying food again. Complete trust in yourself around food. Being completely present socially with friends & family. Living your fullest life.

I Need that

Laying in bed every night stressing about all the food you ate today

From This:

To This:

Imagine If You Were Able to Go…

Constantly anxious & spiraling about how you look and what food will be there before a social event

Feeling guilt and shame anytime you eat and ending up on a path of self-destruction by overeating or bingeing  

Relentlessly spending hours tracking your food and then more hours at the gym to make up for it

Gaining clarity & confidence in your hunger & fullness cues to make informed decisions and enjoy eating again!

Saying goodbye to worrying about what you're "supposed" to look like and finally feel confident in your own skin

Taking charge of your health without having to sacrifice your mental or social health

Creating a lifestyle that is filled with balance and flexibility by cultivating a healthful relationship with food 

Finding ways to incorporate harmonious movement so you can change how you think and engage with exercise 

Fearing that you'll never be able to just eat normally like your friends do

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I can remember overeating on a regular basis since as early as 10 years old. I tried to fix it with dieting, but it just made me miserable. 

Caitlin helped me by giving me the tools to listen to my body and reflect on my anxiety surrounding food and my body. Abandoning judgement and embracing curiosity around food has helped me to stop overeating. Doing that inner work is going to stick with me for the rest of my life. 

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food & body freedom would look SO good on you

This can be possible for you too!

Still not convinced?

8 weeks of life-changing trainings that teach ditching dieting, building trust around food, respecting your body & living healthfully 

Weekly live group sessions to check in and ask questions

PDF's and resources to help you confidently navigate intuitive eating

A private slack community to connect with the small FPC community!

By enrolling in The Food Peace Collective, you'll receive:

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You will leave the program knowing how to incorporate nutrition without obsession & honor all your health values - including mental & social health


You'll learn how to shut out all the  "noise" and rebuild trust in your body's cues of hunger, fullness & satisfaction



We will dive into your current limiting beliefs about food, nutrition & body that are holding you back from food & body peace 


about the process

How it Works

Body Knowledge

Honoring health

I want this!

As a Registered Dietitian and someone who had struggled with  disordered eating habits for years, it has become my mission to help millennial women create a peaceful relationship with food & body that allows them to take charge of their health without sacrificing their social & mental health.

Over the last 2 years, I have worked with tons clients who are just like you, struggling with their relationship with food, binge eating and feeling confused on what to even eat. Learning how to nourish their body without restricting their favorite foods has changed their lives for the best!

Meet your Coach!

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