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Today, I want to share with you my story of why overcoming binge eating and opening up my private practice to help women do the same is so important to me. It starts with me when I was ~10 years old (can you spot me in this pic?)… In about 4th grade, I started to feel […]

Have you ever came home after work and felt like you deserved a snack after such a stressful day, but then that snack turns into another and another until you can’t stop and now you still feel stressed but now you also feel guilty and ashamed? You probably realize that this is emotional hunger, not […]

Can you pursue weight loss and still eat intuitively? Or does that defeat the purpose? In this blog post we’ll dive into what research says about dieting for weight loss and what happens with weight when you start eating intuitively. I want to start by saying there are so many nuances to this topic and […]

Have you heard things here and there about Intuitive Eating, but wonder what it is, if it’s possible for you and how it can help you feel more free around food while still honoring your health values? In today’s post I explain what Intuitive Eating is, why principles of Intuitive Eating can benefit anyone, how […]

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