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Grab my free 3-step guide where I walk you through the 3 food rules holding you back from binge freedom AND I share with you what to do before, during and after a binge so you can jumpstart your binge freedom journey today!

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I spent over 10 years obsessing and feeling guilty for everything I ate, binge eating and battling the all or nothing mentality with my health goals. After becoming a Registered Dietitian and healing my own relationship with food & body, I decided it was my mission to help others do the same!

Now I help women create a positive relationship with food & body, so they can finally create a healthful life that doesn't involve binge eating or avoiding the foods they love!

Registered Dietitian. Food Lover. Dog Mom. Yogi. 

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Emily C

My mindset has changed in a big way!

- and not just about food and eating! I find myself challenging the things I do "because I've always done it that way" and looking to spend my time doing things I really enjoy. I think back to where I was at when I applied for the program and I can't believe how far I've come. I went from feeling like I needed to be thin/fit to be happy and restricting all of the fun out of my life to eating what makes me feel good, not worrying what the scale says and taking care of my body instead of scrutinizing it. So much more joy in that!

Emily S

I’m proud that with Caitlin’s help, knowledge and guidance I was able to release myself from the chains of diet culture.

Before working with Caitlin, I had followed strict meal plans, heavy exercise regimens that I hated, cut food groups out, and eliminated my favorite foods. I’m on the path to accepting my body the way that it is, and the way that it is meant to look. Food and eating is one thing that no one should stress about, and I’m grateful that I’ve been given the ability to lose that unhealthy aspect of my past life.


Caitlin really knows what she’s doing and she’s so supportive. She’s also really funny, which makes the sessions a lot of fun! 

I’ve always been super concerned about weight gain and getting diabetes. I saw carbs and sugar as the enemy and did my best to avoid them even though they were secretly all I wanted to eat. Now I can have a meal from a restaurant or a treat at work without spiraling into thoughts that I’m going to have diabetes one day. My nutrition is actually way better.

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In my 1:1 nutrition coaching program, I teach you how to ditch restrictive diets and food tracking so that you can stop binge eating, stop obsessing over food and your weight 24/7 and finally enjoy your fav foods without guilt!

Most women with believe the only way to achieve the healthful life they desire is by following restrictive diets and losing weight at all costs and yet they feel worse about their body and even more out of control with food that isolates them from living their best life! 

My coaching programs will guide you to creating a peaceful relationship with food & body by using an intuitive eating approach so you can finally cultivate a healthful life that doesn't sacrifice your happiness!

Are you ready to stop binge eating & live your most healthful, abundant life?

Let's get started!

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